Three Reasons Why You Should Listen To Interior Designing Podcasts

Interior design is all about creating spaces you love that other people will love, too. It is a career choice many people opt for because they are talented artists and creative people with an eye for decorating. Even if you choose not to pursue a career in interior design, you may still be fascinated by it when you buy your first home and want to make that home uniquely your own. As such, you may look for ideas on social media, scrounge through countless home decorating magazines, and maybe listen to a few interior designing podcasts.

Wait...podcasts? Why would you listen to a podcast about decorating when that provides zero visuals for ideas? Good question, but there are valid reasons for listening to such podcasts, and those reasons are as follows. 

The Podcasts Tell You HOW to Do Something

In most cases where you are listening to something that does not have an accompanying visual, the listening media is telling you how to do something. For example, a podcast of the interior decorating sort may tell you how to hang curtains, or how to choose paint colors that compliment your furniture and window treatments. While visual media gives you ideas for things you want to put into your home, the podcasts would tell you exactly how to go about executing your intended design changes.

The Podcasts Are Design Tips by Influential Designers and Influencers

Usually, influential designers and influencers with large followings will be the ones creating podcasts. In this case, you should think of Vera Wang for the home, or someone like Martha Stewart, giving you tips on decorating for this and that. Influencers are people with mass social media followings who tell people what to do, and what the influencers like or dislike, and then their followers do that. These are the types of people that have podcasts and the types of things for which they usually use a podcasting platform. 

The Podcasts Are Entertaining

Sometimes an interior design podcast is just for fun. It may relate the time a designer totally screwed up the design on something, or hung a piece of art the wrong way, or bought a pillow that they later realized was somewhat "off-color." The mishaps of the decorating world can be quite funny, which may make you feel better when your own decorating efforts go awry. Such podcasts may alleviate your concerns about getting everything right the first time.