2 DIY Industrial Lamp Designs

Incorporating industrial elements into your residential living space can give your home a more high-end feel. If you are looking for a simple way to bring more industrial style into your home, adding some custom lighting could be a great option.

Here are two industrial lamp designs that you can create for your home yourself.

1. Copper Desk Lamp

Few design elements are as industrial as copper pipes, so incorporating some of these pipes into your lighting can be a simple way to make your living space feel more industrial. You can easily convert some old copper pipe into a desk lamp.

Purchase a wood plaque from your local craft store, some 1/2-inch copper pipe cut to 16 inches in length, a 45 degree copper elbow, super glue, a copper pressure tee, and a lamp kit. Measure 4 inches from the top of your pipe, and make a cut so you have one 12 inch pipe and one 4 inch pipe. Attach the pressure tee to the longer piece of pipe, and then add the shorter pipe to one end of the tee. Attach the copper elbow to the exposed end of the short pipe.

Drill a hole large enough to accommodate the copper pipe through the corner of the wood plaque, and use some superglue to firmly affix the end of the long pipe piece without the tee inside the hold. Feed the wiring from your lamp kit up through the bottom of the wood plaque, through the tee and into the short piece of pipe, then through the elbow and out. Attach a socket to the wiring at the elbow, add an Edison light bulb, and enjoy your new table lamp.

2. Wastebasket Pendant Light

Pendant lighting looks great over a kitchen island or in your home's dining room. If you want to add an industrial vibe to these interior spaces, you may want to consider using a wire wastebasket to make your own industrial pendant light.

All you need to do is use wire cutters to create a hole in the bottom of the wastebasket large enough to fit the socket of a light cord kit through. Secure the socket with some screws or wire, and add an Edison bulb. Hang your new pendant light from your home's ceiling, and enjoy the industrial feel a wastebasket pendant can provide.

Adding industrial lighting is affordable and easy when you opt to create some industrial lamps yourself. Contact a company like Michael Mchale Designs to learn more.