Learn How To Create Unique Curtains To Use In Your Classroom

As a teacher, it can sometimes be difficult to decorate your classroom in a way that your students will find interesting and unique. There are often windows in many classrooms and hanging short curtains in the room can often give the space a homey feel. If you plan to use curtains in your classroom, consider allowing the children to help you decorate them so that they can feel like they had a part in decorating them.

Choose the Right Curtains

The first thing you need to do is choose the right curtains for the job. You want to be sure that they are not too long, because you do not want to block all of the sunlight from entering the room. Choose a white curtain so that it can easily be dyed later on down the road.

Allow Each Child to Draw a Design

Provide each child with a washable marker that they can use to create a design on the curtain. Choose a theme for the designs so the children have a direction when creating the designs. Be sure that each child labels their design with their name.

Create Each Design

Next, you need to go over each line that the children created with a thick layer of white school glue. The lines need to be thick so that you can pull them off of the curtain with ease after you complete the project. Allow the glue to dry fully before you continue.

Dye the Curtains

Next, you need to choose what color you want to dye the curtains. Choose a color that will pair well with the other décor you chose for the room. Fill a bucket half-full of water and add the dye to the bucket until the desired color is created. Place the curtains in the dye for a few minutes until they change color.

Remove the curtains from the dye and rinse them out until no more dye comes out of them. Lay them out to dry. Once they are dry, pull all of the glue from the curtains and the designs the children created will be white, while the rest of the curtain will be whatever color you dyed it. The designs will stand out and create the unique curtain you want for your classroom. You can then hang the curtains in the classroom for your children to enjoy. They will be able to show off their designs to their parents when they come to visit their child at school. If you don't feel comfortable making your own curtains, contact a business such as the Shady Lady.